Happy Christmas from the Port BUG!

Best wishes for a ‘Bicycling Christmas’ from the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group – a community coalition dedicated to Better Bicycling for Bicyclistas!

The PortBUG has been busy in 2013 and we’re confident that we’ll shortly begin to see some real outcomes for some of the  long-term projects we’ve been working on.

Causeway Road, Ethelton.

Causeway Road, Ethelton.

1. Main Road Bicycle Issues: The PortBUG has written to Minister Tom Koutsantonis (Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Energy, Urban Development etc!) We’ve basically provided him with what amounts to a summary of key issues that need to be resolved in the interests of safe bicycle use in and around The Port on the main roads that he and DPTI (Dep’t for Transport) have responsibility for. You can see an illustrated version of this summary of issues here.

'Sharing the Road', Causeway Road, 2013?

‘Sharing the Road’,
Causeway Road, 2013?

Routes that we have been particularly concerned about include:

  • Causeway Road (Exeter, Ethelton & New Port Keys)
  • Military Road (from Bower Road to the Northern side of Semaphore Road)
  • Old Port Road (Queenstown)
  • South Road (adjacent to the new SuperWay).

The roads we have focused on are those we judge to be key routes for the further development of day-to-day cycling activity in and around Port Adelaide. We are aware that these do not reflect the full range of issues that bicycle users encounter across the whole of Port Adelaide/Enfield. This is simply because most of our active members live in and around the Port itself. So if you have comments, concerns or further suggestions based on your own practical experience across the Port Adelaide/Enfield area please let us know!

Old Port Road redevelopment at Queenstown (Photo: Dave Case)

Old Port Road redevelopment at Queenstown (Photo: Dave Case)

Readers will note that one thing we have called for is a more detailed local integrated transport plan for the Port Adelaide and the Le Fevre Peninsula. Our area is set to experience much increased freight and heavy transport use – perhaps by a factor of 3 to 5 times – over the next few years to 2020. While much of this road freight will travel via the Port Expressway and Victoria Road, a great deal will want to travel South and East along Semaphore, Causeway, Old Port and Grand Junction Roads. These routes will also see increased bicycle and car traffic as well as increased pedestrian use. It is essential that this increased ‘mixed traffic’ use is managed responsibly so that the safety of all road users can be provided for and some measure of transport access and equity can be maintained. We note that such local, more detailed plans are a key element anticipated in the draft S.A Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan and we have proposed to the Minister that Port Adelaide and Environs be the first cab off the rank!

Outer Harbour Greenway at Belmore Trc.

Outer Harbour Greenway at Belmore Trc.

2. Outer Harbour Greenway Update: The Port Adelaide Council, along with DPTI’s Cycling & Walking and the Port Renewal Authority have been busy upgrading (and in some instances, creating) key linkages and  through-ways along the Greenway route. You can see DPTI’s updated record of progress here. One of the most encouraging aspects of the Greenway route is the Minister’s and  DPTI’s commitment to providing a bicycle controlled crossing at every point that the route intersects a major North-South road. This includes the somewhat fraught South Road crossing, the subject of some argument between Federal and State Governments in recent times. The route will eventually cross South Road on a bridge along with the tram or train. The Minister and DPTI have however stated that “in case of a delay to the Torrens to Torrens project, a Bicycle/ Pedestrian Actuated Crossing (BPAC) will be installed to run with the railway crossing in the interim.”

New Greenway at St Clair (Photo: Dave Case)

New Greenway at St Clair (Photo: Dave Case)

The BUG plans to ride the new route sometime in the New Year and maybe have a picnic along the way. Hopefully some of the road crossings and linkages will be open by the New Year. Stay tuned and let us know if you’d like to come along!

3. Coast Park Development: Started in 1992, Adelaide’s Coast Park is a 70km walking and cycling pathway along the Metro coastline. It’s development has generally proceeded steadily although some sections have presented particular problems, mainly associated (it seems) with existing land use and past development.

Proposed Coast Park Route at Tennyson.

Proposed Coast Park Route at Tennyson.

The BUG is currently represented on a working group seeking to resolve issues regarding the Park’s further development through Tennyson. The Tennyson Dunes is an area of particularly high value which the BUG is keen to see preserved. We very much hope that a satisfactory solution can be reached which will allow the Coast Park to proceed through this area. Our representatives are Tony Bazeley, Dave Case and Tim Walsh.

The BUG has also been liaising with PA/E Council for the past 6 months regarding the current constraints on bicycle use on the Coast Park bike path adjacent to The Palais function centre at Semaphore. Due to concerns about the safety of staff and patrons stepping into the path of oncoming cyclists, pathway users are asked to dismount and walk their bikes through this section. We understand that PA/E planners are currently working with all parties on strategies that may assist patrons to better avoid any hazard!

New Bike Path & Lane Junction, Semaphore Rd.

New Bike Path & Lane Junction, Semaphore Rd.

4. Semaphore Road Bikeways: You may have noticed the new off-road bicycle facilities recently completed on Semaphore Road. These include:

  • a number of new bike parking rails in front of shops and the library in the Western section between Military Road and the Esplanade
  • new bicycle-activated crossings and ramps at Military Road.

These facilities are aimed directly at making bicycle use safer and more convenient and to encourage locals to use their bikes to visit shops and services rather than taking the car. In particular, the sections of pathway immediately west of Military Road aim to allow bicycle users to transfer safely and smoothly between on-road bike lane and the off-road bike path!

Bike (and Skate) Path Users at Semaphore.

Bike (and Skate) Path Users at Semaphore.

Try it out and let us know how it works! It’s already obvious that locals are realising that the pathway is useful for rolling on something other than bikes. We’ve seen roller skaters, skate board users, scooters, children on kick bikes, fishing trailers of all descriptions and even a roller-skate-adapted dachshund! We’d like to know how you are using the new bike path. Even better, we’d like to publish photos of you and your friends making good use of the pathway! Send them via the editor – all submissions considered!

'Almost open' Loop Pathway, Inner Harbour.

‘Almost open’ Loop Pathway, Inner Harbour.

5. Harbour Hike & Bike Loop: The Port Renewal Authority have opened a new section of the Hike & Bike Loop around the inner harbour! It extends from Semaphore Road around the end and alongside a dock (which many will not have seen before) and on, around the western end of the inner harbour reach adjacent to the New Port Keys housing complex. High quality lighting and fencing has been installed and the BUG understands that seating and sculpture and other interpretive works are being considered. Lots of new opportunities for fishing too! The BUG is liaising with Port Renewal regarding the ongoing development of the Loop, particularly the proposed shared use crossings over the Port’s two bridges and linkages into the Port CBD. So stay tuned!

Happy & Safe Christmas from the PortBUG!

A Dutch Bicycle Santa.

Best Wishes from the Port BUG!

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