Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group – Meeting Dates for 2014.

RR-LW-E-1The Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group (‘The PortBUG’) are a group of residents from Port Adelaide and its surrounding suburbs who work as volunteers, advocating for better and safer conditions and provisions for everyday bicycle use for young and old, such as:

  • S4Rd-Path-2safer roads with improved ‘separation’ from cars and commercial traffic
  • safer and better designed off-road bicycle pathways
  • improved bicycle parking, especially around shops and services
  • safer road crossings and intersections
  • lower speed limits where appropriate
  • safer routes to school
  • better conditions for bicycle commuters on main roads
  • Pic 3completion of the City-Outer Harbour Greenway

The PortBUG also works to improve community awareness of Active Transport possibilities and to foster a richer ‘bicycle culture’.

Pic 1We meet together once a month. All who may be interested in our objectives are most welcome to attend or join us.

Where:  Argos Hellenic Restaurant, Upstairs Dining Room, 45 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide (Ph: 8241 2223)

Pic 2When:   The first Thursday of each month. 7pm.

Meeting Dates for your 2014 diary:

  • Feb 6th
  • March 6th
  • April 3rd
  • bug logoMay 1st
  • June 5th
  • July 3rd
  • August 7th
  • Sept 4th
  • Oct 2nd
  • Nov 6th
  • Dec 4th

Agenda items & any apologies – contact the Secretary, 

Sam Powrie, 0414 307 413, kabir@chariot.net.au.

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