PortBUG Blog Post #2, September 2014.

Cover candidates advice

1.  Port Adelaide/Enfield Elections: The PA/E Council Elections are coming up in October. Feelings in the community are running high, residents want better representation on a range of issues, and even at this early stage it appears that both Mayor and Ward positions will be hotly contested. The PortBUG has issued an invitation to candidates interested in cycling and active transport matters to provide us with a profile and relevant information to highlight at our web site. We have also put together a summary of the key issues we feel are important for candidates seeking to address the ‘active transport vote’ in their campaigns. See: PortBUG Candidates Guide 2014

bike centre2.  Nelson Street Crossing Update:  In August the Port BUG expressed major concerns regarding the safety of the Harbour Loop Path’s Nelson Street crossing, adjacent to the British Hotel on the waterfront. We felt that the crossing’s median refuge was quite inadequate and put pathway users at severe risk. Following communications with the Port Renewal Authority the PortBUG has been informed that DPTI will be taking action to enlarge the median crossing refuge.


We don’t yet know construction details or schedule but we have seen a draft plan (see the blue outline in the excerpt above). We understand that the new median refuge will end up 2 metres wide and over 3 metres long. We anticipate that the proposed work will make this important crossing and the Harbour Loop Pathway very much safer.



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