PortBUG Blog Post #3, September 2014.


1.  Old Port Road Update:  Readers may have noticed that Old Port Road at Queenstown has been rebuilt and resurfaced following drainage works and creation of a ‘wetland’ in its central median reserve. BUG member David Case wrote to Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan in August, pointing out that as a result, road space appeared to have actually been reduced and asking why no bike lanes have been installed (it generally being Government policy to do so when arterial roads are rebuilt). In his reply Minister Mullighan indicates that:

  • while not a freight route, ‘5% of traffic on Old Port Road are heavy vehicles’ and it is a ‘gazetted B-Double route’
  • DPTI have found that ‘there was insufficient road space to provide both a full time bicycle lane and parking lane and maintain adequate traffic lane width, particularly for heavy vehicles’.

The Minister has indicated that DPTI will consider installation of timed bike lanes to operate during peak traffic hours as  part of their ongoing road upgrade programme. The BUG thanks Dave for his efforts in bringing this issue to the Minister’s attention!

SVDB 22.  New Mayoral Candidate: Readers will be aware that the PortBUG has invited candidates for Council elections to submit blog information of interest to bicycle users. In addition to a submission from Dr Diana Carroll, the PortBUG has now received a statement from Steve von der Borch, also a Mayoral candidate. Steve is principal of Harcourts Real Estate (on Semaphore Road), has been a local resident of many years and comes with a long history of participation in community activities (including the Semaphore Road Mainstreet Association).

While not running on a specific active-mobility or bicycle-focused platform, Steve has indicated that he is a strong supporter of safe and secure bicycle use in the community. In conversation with the PortBUG he has also emphasized the value he will place on community engagement, a responsive Council and attention to the needs of all residents, including bicycle users.

SVDB 3Steve has issued a statement outlining his candidacy and has pledged to use his extensive experience in business to promote the development of the entire PA/E Council area. He has also indicated that he is apolitical and will not attempt to run for political office if elected Mayor.

bug logoPlease join the PortBUG’s work to improve conditions for safe & secure bicycle use across the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council area. These are exciting times for bicycle users so sign up to receive the PortBUG Blog and stay in touch!


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