PortBUG Blog Post #2: Special Bike Strategy Post.

S4Rd-Path-21.  PA/E Bike Plan 2015-20 – Consultation: Port Adelaide/Enfield’s new and long awaited draft Bicycle Strategy has at last been released for public consultation. A brief article announcing the release and an opportunity for comment can be read here and reads:

front page jpeg“Council is reviewing the strategic Bicycle Plan. The plan outlines how we will continue to develop cycling networks and facilities for residents and visitors.  You can read the plan by clicking here. If you would like to provide comment and feedback please email us… or by calling 8405 6600 and asking to speak with Shaun or Kerry about the Bike Plan.”

All well and good of course, but we can’t help noticing a marked contrast in the level of community engagement offered by PA/E compared with that on offer (see below) from neighbouring City of Charles Sturt, also reviewing it’s new bicycle strategy. Whereas PA/E Council invites residents to simply read the 148 page document and comment via email or phone call, CCS is offering interested residents multiple opportunities for information about their new strategy and to comment and ask questions, both on-line and in person at a community consultation evening and presentation. PA/E residents might feel a little disappointed that our Council has not seen fit to offer its own community a similar level of consultation and engagement!

The PortBUG will be examining the draft Strategy in detail over the next few weeks and formulating a response. We would welcome your input. We will be posting a draft response asap for your comment at our website.

coast_park_walker_cyclist2.  CCS Walking and Cycling Strategy:  The City of Charles Sturt has released its own draft walking and cycling strategy for public consultation. Several opportunities for comment are available hereConsultation closes Tuesday March 10th. While the CCS Strategy will principally be of interest to CCS residents, the outcomes will also be significant for Port Adelaide as many of the key bicycle facilities and routes throughout CCS are important for PA/E residents, particularly those travelling into the CBD or elsewhere across Adelaide. The PortBUG intends making a brief comment on the CCS draft strategy and welcomes comments and input from the community to portbug@gmail.com or below.

3.  Land Use on the Lefevre Peninsula: Many Port Adelaide residents are concerned with land-use issues. A State Parliament inquiry has now reported on the health, safety and amenity of residential and industrial areas on the Lefevre Peninsula. The inquiry considered issues relating to public health, environmental management, and urban planning. The report made 15 recommendations to the State Government.

To seek Community feedback the Council is holding a public meeting at the Waterside Workers Hall, 11 Nile Street, Port Adelaide, 18th February, 2015, 7 pm.  The meeting will include presentations from representatives of the Parliamentary Committee, as well as State Government agencies. An agenda is available here.  Questions for the meeting can be submitted here.

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