PortBUG Blog Post #3, Feb. 2015.

BISA piv

front page jpeg1. PA/E Bicycle Consultation: The PA/E Council last week released a draft Bicycle Strategy for public comment. We now note provision of a link to an on-line survey form at the Council website, providing an additional option for responding to the strategy. We encourage your comment asap! The Council has also now announced that the consultation period will finish on Monday, March 2nd . Comment can also be provided by emailing Kerry or Shaun at the PA/E Council or by calling 8405 6600 (ask to speak with Shaun or Kerry about the Bike Plan).

BISA logo2. Bicycle Advocacy in Adelaide: The Bicycle Institute will be holding a public meeting
 focused on ‘Bicycle advocacy – How do we get more influence?’
 Key speaker will be Julian Ferguson, BikeSA’s Marketing Manager. 
Julian has come from Brussels, where he was Communications Officer for the European Cyclists’ Federation. When: Wednesday 11th February, 7pm. Where: The meeting will be in the Conservation Council’s new home at 111 Franklin St, Adelaide, the old bus depot site and former BikeSA offices. The meeting is free, but please rsvp to ian@bisa.asn.au if attending.

St-Vincent-new-lanes-2015 copy

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3. Coming – New Bike Lanes on St. Vincent Street, Port Adelaide: The State Government’s 2014/2015 Black Spot Cycling Project Program has announced the the proposed installation of a bike lane on St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide from the Nelson Street corner to the Jervois Bridge. Also included in the Black Spot program’s projects will be the fixing of gaps in the bike lane on Grand Junction Road from Churchill Road to Hancock Road in the East!


4. New Government Cycling Pages: The State Government has launched revised (and considerably more attractive and better organized) cycling pagesTake a look!

hub_logo_full5. New PedBikeTrans Newsletter: PedBikeTrans is a loosely organized network of transport planning professionals across Australia. The PBT newsletter is edited here in Adelaide by Ian Radbone of HUB Transport. It is a valuable source of information about bicycle planning and innovation and is worth subscribing to. The latest edition can be found here.

The PortBUG - Your local Bicycle User Group!

Worried about cycling in The Port? Contact the PortBUG – your local Bicycle User Group!

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