Have Your Say: The Rosewater Local Area Traffic Management Plan.

Rosewater LATM Plan AreaRosewater Residents: At its meeting on 12th May 2015, PA/E Council resolved that a Local Area Traffic Management Scheme (LATM) be undertaken for Rosewater north of Grand Junction Road. The primary study area will be the northern side of Grand Junction Road, Rosewater and the secondary study area is the adjacent industrial land south of Bedford Street, as the area and any future use needs to be considered. A public meeting has been organised with residents of the area and of Rosewater:

When: Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at 7:00 pm

Where: The Junction Community Centre (2A May Terrace, Ottoway).

The meeting will inform the residents of Rosewater of the study area, the process which is to be undertaken and provide them with an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding traffic, parking and related issues. A letter introducing the LATM (including a map) and a residents questionnaire can be found here.

Discussion with PA/E Council officers has confirmed that the needs of bicycle users and Active Transport generally (walking, skating, taking the train/bus or using a wheelchair or mobility aid) are all integral elements in developing a LATM! Indeed, the area to be covered includes the railway reserve areas where the Council has proposed an ‘East-West Connector’ Bikeway, connecting residents of Rosewater and Ottoway to the Port CBD (see LH area below)!


Gillman East-West Connector Pathway through Rosewater & Ottoway.

Rosewater residents are all encouraged to come along to the meeting and have their say! Ward Councillors Cr. Claire Boan and Cr. Ray Guscott also plan to attend. If you would like further information regarding the Rosewater LATM Scheme, please contact Hye-Young Ghang, Council’s Traffic Engineer who is overseeing the project on 8405 6825 or via email hyeyoung.ghang@portenf.sa.gov.au.

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