Port BUG Blog Post #3, May 2016.


See the Port by Bike! A new page at the PortBUG’s web site will provide a practical & illustrated guide to bike routes within the Council area – where they connect to, how to join & use them, things to watch out for & what to see & experience along the way. We hope to provide simple maps, click-through pdf guides and even short videos so you can really get a feel for what each route has to offer. If you have a good idea for a picture or video route guide (and maybe want to have a go at making one) please let us know. Here’s a starter from Dave Case…

The_Northern_Connector_proposed_road_route_with_railNorthern Connector Shared Use Path: The new Northern Connector will provide a 16km, three metre wide shared-use path connecting the existing Northern Expressway shared-used path to the cycle/pedestrian facilities along South Road Superway. It will be to the East of the new road separating pedestrian and cycling activities from the motorway. Detailed design will be undertaken by the contractor when appointed. The PortBUG has registered as a key stakeholder in the planning process and we’ll be keen to see benefits for residents in the PA/E Council Area as well as for those who may like to visit us – particularly if the new path can connect to the proposed East-West Connector outlined in the new PA/Enfield Bicycle Strategy.

MWBUG Meets with the CEO: Later this week the PortBUG will meet with Mark Withers, CEO of Port Adelaide/Enfield Council. We want to talk to Mark about the Port’s fantastic potential to become Adelaide’s ‘Active Mobility-Central’, the implementation of the new PA/E Bicycle Strategy over the next few years & the role of the PortBUG as a ‘community voice’ in this development. If you are not already ‘riding with the BUG’ you can link here to add your own voice & stay in touch.

Bikes are for sharing.

…until next time…


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