Bikes Beyond Port Adelaide, August 1st, 2017.

Riding Beyond Port Adelaide?

Yes – the Outer Harbor Greenway does go beyond the Port’s Waterfront! In fact it makes it’s way across the Birkenhead Bridge and around the Inner Harbor via the Loop Path, and then finds it’s way up the middle of the Le Fevre Peninsula via a connected series of quiet roads and connecting off-road pathways. The character of the Greenway here is different and less scenic, but it’s a good route for commuters and those riding into the Port CBD. It’s also an excellent way to get to a ship-watcher’s delight – the Parks and Lookouts at Outer Harbor – without braving the traffic on Lady Gowrie/Ruthven Drives or riding all the way to Semaphore to join the Coast Park.

And the great news is that Port Adelaide Council has now made a significant investment in improving some of these off-road links (shown in the pics below), making negotiation of this Northern end of the Greenway easier and more convenient.

New full-width ramp and access pathway at the end of Railway Trc, Osborne.

This new ramp and the existing pathway provides a link past Osborne RS and through to Osborne Road.

Upgraded pathway linking Fraser Drive to Jurs Ave.

Upgraded pathway linking Klingberger Drive to Flaminia Street.

New ramp and path giving access to the railway crossing maze at Outer Harbor.

But it’s not quite finished! The PortBUG has written to both PA/E Council and to DPTI pointing out that the crossing maze illustrated above does not really meet the needs of current shared-pathway use and really needs upgrading to a more up-to-date design (a wider, more mobility-device and bike-trailer/family-friendly etc). We’ve also pointed to pressing need on the other side of the rail track for a much improved pathway through the kerb reserve and a secure road crossing (across Lady Ruthven Drive) to join up with the Coast Park. This latter bikeway takes riders the last few hundred meters to the park and lookouts at Outer Harbor and is a great way to return to Semaphore and thence to the Port. We’ll keep readers posted on the outcome!

Ship-watching Lookout – Outer Harbour. Booking the next coffee stop!



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2 Responses to Bikes Beyond Port Adelaide, August 1st, 2017.

  1. Daniel O'Connor says:

    Are the upgraded connections all on openstreetmap – if not, can survey/add them; which will in turn get them into strava routing + others.


    • samsavvas says:

      Hi Daniel,
      The paths and ramps which I described in my post as ‘upgraded’ are based on pre-existing infrastructure so I presume they will already be on openstreetmap (which I am unfortunately not very familiar with). Those I described as ‘new’ are not likely to be. From memory (without checking the post) the new bits are:
      – the ramp and short linking pathway at the end of Railway Trc
      – the new ramp at the Northern end of the link between Fraser Drv and Jurrs Ave
      – a new ramp on the Flaminia side of the Klingberger/Flaminia link
      – the ramp and pathway at the railway crossing end of Flaminia Street.
      Everything else has been an upgrading of existing bits of infrastructure. I think it would be great if you were able to ensure these improvements are featured at OSMap. Those who use this Northern end of the Greenway will no doubt find it a bit ‘low scale’ (it’s been described to me as ‘underwhelming’). It is however a significant improvement on what was there before, and as we know, every little bit of bicycle infrastructure helps!
      Thanks, Sam.


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