Greenway & Port Adelaide Bike Plan Updates – October, 2017.

Causeway Road, Semaphore.

1. Bike Plan Update: Readers will be pleased to know that in what is left of the 2017-18 f/year Council intends completing a number of new off-road shared pathways along Causeway Road between Bower and Semaphore Roads, as well as improvements to existing pathways and a new pedestrian crossing.

These new pathways & improvements will go a long way to making this hazardous road much friendlier to both bike riders and pedestrians, including those walking and cycling to the two rail stations and to the schools at each end!  Work is also proceeding on Lipson St North to improve conditions for bicycles on this section of the Greenway.

Gillman Rail Reserve Pathway Route.

2. Proposals for 2018-19: The PortBUG meets 3 x year with staff from the Council to assist with the next round of project funding for the Local Area Bike Plan 2015-2020. At the first of these meetings a week or so ago, we reviewed current projects and canvassed a number of possible ones for the 2018-19 funding period (beginning July next year). Projects we are likely to nominate may include:

  • Further improvements along Causeway Road
  • Improvements to the very awkward Greenway connection between Mead Street and the pedestrian crossing on Semaphore Road/Le Fevre P.S (part of the Outer Harbour Greenway Route).
  • Initial planning and pathway improvements for the long-mooted East-West Connector along the disused railway reserve at Gillman (connecting the Outer Harbour Greenway route to South Road and beyond)
  • Improvements to the termination of the Greenway on Lady Gowrie Drive at Outer Harbour
  • Improved access from the pedestrian/bike crossings on Nelson St (adjacent to the Birkenhead Bridge) through to Commercial Road and Lipson Street along Nile Street and perhaps North Parade.

The PortBUG welcomes suggestions from readers for any new projects and improvements for the 2018-19 budget! Please drop us a note asap.

3. Greenway Update & Opening: A recent update from the Torrens-to-Torrens Project indicates that the OH Greenway connections between Queen Street, Croydon and the Adelaide Parklands – over South Road, through Bowden and then under Park Terrace are on schedule and likely to be open for bicycle use by this Christmas. After 12 years of sustained effort to see this Greenway built the PortBUG will be seeking a proper ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony with the Minister for Transport in the New Year!

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