PortBUG: Powering Into 2018!


Community TDU Flags, Jan. 2018. Photo: Leslie Wightman

1. PortBUG at the TDU: At the start of the TDU in Port Adelaide on Tuesday 16th, PortBUG was fortunate to share a stall with our colleagues from WestsideBUG.


Many questions for the BUG, Jan. 2018. Photo: Leslie Wightman

We had 2 cargo bikes set up with display boards as well as a number of poster displays on the walls and a table with lots of giveaway bike stickers, BUG brochures and cards.


Bike parking courtesy WestsideBUG, Jan. 2018. Photo: Leslie Wightman

WestsideBUG provided an excellent bicycle parking service and visitors to our stall showed a great deal of interest in our Outer Harbor Greenway display. It seems that just about everyone – including lycra-clad road cyclists – have a strong interest in a safe, secure and direct route between Port Adelaide and the City!


Greenway discussions, Jan. 2018. Photo: Leslie Wightman

It seemed that most visitors had no idea that the Outer Harbor Greenway even existed let alone that it was about to open! Latest word is that the final section of the Outer Harbor Greenway (between South Road and the Adelaide Parklands) is due to open in early March.

The first question most people asked was ‘have you got a map?’ In the past we have directed such queries to InfrastructureSA’s ‘Greenway’ page (with it’s somewhat indistinct aerial photographs), but now we have our own interim ‘hand-made’ Way finding Guide! You can find it here. Try it and let us know what you think…


2. ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’: Co-hosts PortBUG and the PA/E Council ran a very successful and well received MAC/BicycleSA ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ cycling safety seminar in early January.

Over 40 people attended (including about 10 PA/E staff). BicycleSA’s Gerri Nelligan provided an effective and highly skilled presentation with several appreciative comments on the content. The free Cycling Safety Packs were also popular!

PortBUG hopes to run more of these seminars in 2018 so if you missed out… stay tuned!

3. Bike Budget 2018-19:  PortBUG will shortly meet with Council officers to discuss the PA/E Council ‘Bike Plan Budget’ for the forthcoming financial year (2018-19). The next 2 years (2018-20) will be pivotal in seeing the completion – or otherwise – of the PA/E ‘Bike Plan 2015-20’. We have already put a number of proposals to Council and will be arguing for as large a budget as possible and the completion of several items of important bike infrastructure. We’ll keep you posted on the outcomes.


A real bike route for a real bike! Jan. 2018. Photo: Leslie Wightman

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