PortBUG: Torrens Junction/Outer Harbour Greenway Update.

The new Greenway path at Bowden approaches the Park Trc Underpass.

Torrens Junction Project: UPDATE – March to May 2018 (edited for brevity!)

Major construction works on the Torrens Rail Junction Project are complete however some construction activities are required before handing back to the Community. These include:

  • March 2018: Remaining works will continue during day and intermittent night shifts. This includes landscaping, resurfacing of roads and shared use paths, installation of fencing and the installation of street furniture such as wayfinding signage and bike racks.
  • From 29 March to 2 April 2018: From Thursday 29 March after the last train to Tuesday 3 April 2018 before the first train, we will undertake final rail and signalling works on a 24/7 basis along the Outer Harbor and Grange, and the Gawler rail lines.
  • April to May 2018: Landscaping and re-planting of trees and plants in the Park Lands and Bowden will commence in April and continue through Autumn.
  • Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists: As we near full completion of the project, the number of heavy and light vehicles has significantly reduced. Signage and traffic controllers are in place to advise of changed conditions and ensure safe access for road users, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Gibson Street is now open to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Drayton Street, between East Street and Third Street, will remain temporarily closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists until April 2018.
  • East Street, at the rail crossing, is permanently closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The remainder of East Street will open to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in April 2018.

The Outer Harbor Greenway, from Drayton Street to the Park Lands via Park Terrace underpass, will open in April 2018.

The new Greenway emerging from under the Park Terrace Underpass and curving into the parklands.

Ed: We’ve also been told that:

  • the Torrens2Torrens section of the new OH Greenway will also open by the end of April. This will allow bicycle users to cross South Road on a new overpass bridge and the ride all the way on a separated bikeway to a new bridge over the Chief Street road underpass.
  • the last, unfinished section of the OH Greenway – between Chief Street and East Street – will open sometime between July and September. This section of new, separated bikeway will pass the old (and heritage listed) SAGASCO gas storage site and there will be a number of heritage issues to deal with. Greenway users will need to detour between Chief and East streets – either to Port Road or around the ‘Gasworks’ site.

Looking west along the Greenway route towards Chief St. Old SAGASCO wall & buildings on the right. Some heritage issues to deal with!

Let’s be patient – it’ll be worth it!

More details here.

The Fab Four? PortBUG & WestsideBUG members & Gemma from DPTI at the new Gibson St Greenway crossing on a recent tour of the TJ Project.

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