PortBUG: 2018 Election & Beyond…

Magnificent open space: PortBUG’s proposed Gillman East-West Connector in its current state…

With a view to the expiration of the current Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan in 2020 (and the subsequent provision of a new Plan), the PortBUG is undertaking a review of our goals and infrastructure targets. We’ll be developing a brief ‘2020 & Beyond’ planning document which we’ll place at our web site for public comment, but for now here’s our draft list of Major Infrastructure Targets for the Port Adelaide/Enfield Council Area for your comment please:

Major Infrastructure Targets (2018 – 2030):

  • Construction of an East-West Connector linkage along Gillman Rail Corridor Reserve from the Port CBD to Dry Creek (and the junction with the Gawler Greenway) via an extension through the Barker Inlet Wetlands (see map below).
  • Establish and maintain cycling and walking continuity along the Mersey Rd Bikeway (Ed: along the Port River) to Biodiversity Park and Outer Harbour. Note: Mersey Road is likely to be severed by extension of the Sub. Corp!
  • Construct a new off-road Torrens Island Bikeway alongside The Grand Trunkway at Gillman.
  • Completion of a connected and continuous Harbour Loop Pathway Stage 2 (Eastern Inner Harbour)
  • Design and completion of new bikeways along Semaphore Road West as part of the long-delayed Semaphore Road Stage 2 (Military Rd to the Esplanade)
  • Completion of the PA/E sections of the Gawler Greenway
  • Completion of the PA/E sections of the Levels Bikeway
  • Completion of the Causeway Road Bikeway
  • Establishing secure bike access along Military Rd, Semaphore and Largs Bay
  • Ensure direct, secure and convenient access to the Port CBD for all Active Transport users
  • Complete missing infrastructure linkages and interpretive provisions on the Outer Harbour Greenway (eg; road crossing pathways and median refuge at Outer Harbour).

Please bear in mind that this is very much a draft list – it will be modified as our thinking develops and (hopefully) as we receive input from the Port/Enfield Community. We hope the review of goals completed by about July this year.

Please have a look at the list and let us know what you think:

  • what you think may be important and what’s not (and why)?
  • what we’ve missed?

Thanks, PortBUG.

Draft: Proposed East-West Connector with Barker Inlet & Dry Creek Extension Linkages (Map: Tony Bazeley).

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