PortBUG: Your feedback sought – changes to OHGreenway……

The City of Charles Sturt are planning extensive remodelling of three key T-junctions on the Outer Harbor Greenway on Belmore Terrace and they are seeking your feedback! They have proposed raised intersection pavements at the following junctions on Belmore Terrace (Outer Harbor Greenway) with:

  1. Dale Street
  2. Park Street North and…
  3. Hughes Street North.

These raised pavements will replace the current single-lane ‘chicane’ traffic restrictions. Your feedback is sought (by November 16, 2018) with regard to:

  1. Whether users have concerns with the existing single-lane ‘chicane’ traffic control devices in Belmore Terrace and these three junctions, and…
  2. The raised-pavement intersection treatments proposed.

Please give us your feedback addressing 1 and 2, either by:

– commenting below or…

– by sending an email to PortBUG at portadbug@gmail.com.

You can also comment at a similar post at our facebook pageWe’ll forward any comments received to CCS!

BACKGROUND:The 2017 Outer Harbor Greenway Audit Final Report included the following commentary about the existing traffic control devices along Belmore Terrace:

“Stakeholders also expressed concern with existing traffic calming treatments at the Belmore Terrace junctions with Dale Street, Park Street North and Hughes Street North. Narrow exit/entry points do not provide clear guidance for westbound cyclists on how to use the infrastructure. Further, priority has been given to road users entering Belmore Terrace rather than [those travelling] along Belmore Terrace. Council staff reported the existing configuration leads to conflict between cyclists and motorists. Stakeholder representatives recommended a treatment that encompasses the entire junction.”

In response to this recommendation City of Charles Sturt proposed raised intersections at the following junctions:

  1. Dale Street
  2. Park Street North and…
  3. Hughes Street North

A raised intersection consists of a hump leading to a raised section of road pavement (about 10cm higher than the roads that lead to it) in the centre of the intersection. The humps are marked with ‘piano key’ markings to make the raised intersection more visible.

Raising the intersection of Park Street North and establishing a paved platform flush with the footpath may also contribute to reducing vehicle speeds, providing a more human scale environment and enhancing the ‘place narrative’ around the group of local shops.

We undertook community engagement with local residents and surrounding streets between 21 August and 12 September 2018.

In response to community feedback we kept the raised intersection design, but amended plans to remove paving from the top of the platforms and provide additional parking near the shops at Park Street North. Concept plans are attached [see link below].

Prior to proceeding to further, we seek feedback on the proposal from Outer Harbor Greenway bicycle users (the BUGs). Specifically, we seek feedback with regard to:

  1. Whether users have concerns with the existing traffic control devices in Belmore Terrace, and…
  2. The proposed raised intersection treatments.

Could you please forward this information to your networks and request feedback by Friday 16 November?

Reference: https://www.yoursaycharlessturt.com.au/belmore-terrace-woodville

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1 Response to PortBUG: Your feedback sought – changes to OHGreenway……

  1. Brian Acland says:

    Yes I have encountered cars in the existing chicane(s), turning right from one of the north south streets; i.e. they were heading south then turned west.
    The raised intersection would be an improvement, but cyclists could still get squeezed, or even run into, by an inattentive driver. I’d suggest a separate cycle path on each of the north west approaches.


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