PortBUG: Access to Glanville Rail Station – Ministerial Response.

Hi Folks,  Back in June the PortBUG wrote to the Transport Minister seeking clarity about impacts that the new housing development immediately adjacent to Glanville Rail Station seems likely to have on:

  • pedestrian safety and disability access in and around the station precinct
  • bicycle storage
  • parking and passenger drop-off facilities.

We’ve at long last received a response from Minister Knoll which you can read here. Despite the Minister’s positive take on the new developments and careful study of the plans available online, it remains difficult to identify functional improvements for station users. Questions remain about:

  • whether access pathways (particularly on the eastern side from Semaphore Road) will be of sufficient width to ensure pedestrian safety & effective disability access?
  • the provision of effective, convenient & safe bicycle storage (especially given the limited provision for car parking in the new housing under construction)?
  • how the station precinct will cater for passenger drop-off and ‘park-and-ride’ needs with the loss of over 36 car parks with the demise of the east-side parking area?

It’s also unclear what fate is intended for the quite extensive community-planted native plantation on the corner of Causeway and Semaphore Roads! PortBUG will continue to monitor the situation and follow-up issues as opportunities arise.

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