PortBUG: Grange Greenway Update.

Thanks to Sara Morrison at the City of Charles Sturt for this update & the ‘network’ image above.  A ‘Grange GreenLink’ bikeway was first outlined in PortBUG’s original proposal for an Outer Harbor ‘GreenLink’ in 2005. We hoped that it would follow the rail line through the Grange Golf Course precinct – but this has not proved possible. The route under construction is shown in orange on the map above, connecting to the Outer Harbor Greenway (green) and the Lakes Bikeway route (yellow). This new Greenway will complement and connect to current and future bikeways within Port Adelaide/Enfield’s Bike Network.

From CCS:  ‘The City of Charles Sturt are currently constructing an off road path on Tapleys Hill Road that will form part of the Grange Greenway. The Grange Greenway is a strategic walking and cycling route that follows the Grange Railway Line. As the railway line traverses the Royal Adelaide Golf Course, the Grange Greenway walking and cycling route is detouring around the Golf Course [Ed; along the western side of Tapleys Hill Road].

The shared path along Tapleys Hill Road is about 700 metres long (between Trimmer Parade and Meakin Terrace), 3.5m wide in total, with three new crossing points on Tapleys Hill Road. The path diverts behind bus stops to remove seating & shelters from the path of riders.

The project includes 16 new trees, new turf, new fencing and new lighting at crossing points. This was achieved with assistance from the Royal Adelaide Golf Club who enabled Council to occupy a portion of their land under a 99 year lease to widen the available verge.

The path on Tapleys Hill Road connects to a new path that was built on Meakin Terrace in 2019. The route will continue on road for part of Meakin Terrace toward Frederick Road. Consultation and design of a Frederick Road crossing point and route connection to the Grange Lakes path and Grange Railway station is planned for next financial year…

The new path is expected to be operational in June 2020.’

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