PortBUG: New Shared-Use Path for the O/H Greenway, Birkenhead.

Work has commenced on a final section of the Outer Harbour Greenway North– the section of the Greenway between the Harbor Loop and North Haven.

The small section involved is approx 100 metres of shared-use pathway running along the western boundary of Le Fevre Primary School from the corner of Semaphore Road and Mead Street to Shorney Street (which runs behind the school). It has been a project the PortBUG has promoted for several years!

Currently Greenway users heading north must cross from the Harbor Loop Pathway at the school crossing and then turn left along the narrow footpath until they can join the on-road route along Mead Street, either at the corner, at the Mead Street pedestrian crossing or at Shorney Street.

The new section of widened shared-use pathway will:

  • reduce risk of pedestrian/bike conflict
  • improve bike access and safety
  • provide more (and safer) options for bicycle users to join the route along Mead Street (away from the hazards of the corner ramps).

The PortBUG anticipates that the new pathway will make access to and from Le Fevre School easier and safer for students, and will (hopefully) encourage many more of them to ride their bikes and scooters to school. It’s not clear when the work will be finished but it already looks quite advanced with ramps and new kerbs already in place (see below).

New shared-use pathway looking south from Shorney Street.

This short stretch of pathway is a good example of the ‘finer grained’ infrastructure which the PortBUG will propose as a core target for the new PA/E Bike Plan, currently under preparation.

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