PortBUG: New Integrated Transport Strategy for The Port!

The first round of Public Consultation has opened for Port Adelaide/Enfield’s new Integrated Transport Strategy. Here’s your chance to have your say in its development by completing the short survey here & at the link below!

This is an important opportunity for us all to guide development across the Council area! Transport activity and access affects every aspect of our lives and those of our children. The Port must deal with major transport challenges unique to our geography, location and role as an industrial and transport hub for SA.

Our council has made great progress managing these challenges, especially in its provision for cycling & walking mobility away from main roads. But it’s an enormous Council Area and a great deal still needs to be done!

We continue to experience significant economic and social stress, reduced health and educational outcomes, limited access to health, education and recreation facilities and major problems with public housing, employment, mental health support and social equity. Ready access to affordable, safe and sustainable transport services will pave a pathway to a better future! From the strategy website:

“The ITS is an opportunity to create a well planned and people friendly transport environment… for the next ten year period 2021-31… to create a framework that will guide transport investment and policy decisions.”

“By participating in this community engagement you will be providing us with valuable feedback on how you currently experience the transport environment… The community has an important role in identifying issues and opportunities relevant to transport infrastructure… Your feedback will guide the development of the strategy, particularly in relation to five key areas such as road safety, travel time, parking, cycling and walking and public transport network.”    

Note: Feedback must be submitted by 7 August (5pm).

Integrated Transport Strategy Consultation.

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