PortBUG: Keeping Up With Adelaide’s & SA’s Cycleways…

It can be difficult to keep up with the new Cycleways and Greenways opening up around Adelaide and across South Australia, especially for those new to the city and South Australia, or new to bicycle use. For those investigating both commuting & recreational riding options, the links below – to maps and route guides, videos and descriptions – may prove useful:

  1. CycleInstead Journey Planner/Bike Direct Maps:

This SA Government page provides a link to CycleInstead – Adelaide’s online route-finding guide – as well as pdf versions of the well established (but now out of print) BikeDirect Network maps.

  1. Walking SA.

SA’s walking peak-body has many excellent guides and maps for Adelaide and regional shared-pathway routes.

  1. Bloke on a Bike.

The ‘Bloke’ also has descriptions for a number of city and regional pathways, particularly those recreational routes and cycling ‘trails’.

  1. Cycle Adelaide SA.

Serafina is building an impressive set of video guides to Adelaide’s cycleways and shared-use pathways. Great fun & an interesting way of introducing Adelaide’s Greenways!

  1. SA Recreational Cycling Club.

The SARCC  have a lot of touring miles under their collective belts. For those interested in organised group rides and in particular, bicycle touring.

  1. The Uncool Cycling & Canoeing Club.

This remarkably ‘cool’ club is pioneering exploration of the many trails, regional tourism paths and more obscure and unused ‘byways’ in Adelaide and in regional SA’s hinterland (particularly to the north of the City). Their online adventure reports are invariably impressive and inspiring, especially when they ride out-of-the-way and less used roads & trails. They often map their adventures with great photographs and you’ll find lots of inspiration at their facebook group and website.

7. Cycle Salisbury. For rides to the north of Adelaide (and Grand Junction Road) check out Salisbury Council’s excellent social riding program and route guide.

If readers have further resources they’d like to share, please let us know!


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