PortBUG: Northern Connector – Is it connected (yet)?

The recent opening of the first two sections of the Northern Connector Cycleway (Tapa Marinthi Yala) and the Gawler Greenway (between The Parklands and Salisbury Highway) has proved very popular with both commuting and recreational cyclists, providing as it does a more-or-less continuous cycling link between Adelaide, the Salisbury bike network and Gawler. However there has been considerable frustration expressed online at the apparent ‘flooding’ of a key underpass link under the Port Expressway (PREXY) at the head of the Barker Inlet (see above). This underpass utilises an existing culvert to take cyclists from the Northern Connector Cycleway via a short route through the wetlands on the southern side of the PREXY, to join to the Gawler Greenway.

Barker Inlet Underpass under the Port Expressway (Pic. SalsBUG)

North-facing culvert entrance – note retaining wall, RHS (Pic. SalsBUG).

Observers note that the flooding appears to be tidally influenced and continuing despite recent construction of a retaining wall. It seems likely that concerns have been exacerbated by continuing frustration with quite severe flooding at similar culvert-based underpasses on the Dry Creek and Little Para River Trails further north (see below)!

Cyclists negotiating the ‘dry’ Underpass at…Dry Creek!

PortBUG has contacted a DPTI cycling representative who has made it very clear that this link between the Northern Connector Bikeway and the Gawler Greenway (via the PREXY/Barker Inlet culvert underpass) is not yet open with work yet to be completed. PortBUG has not visited the site recently so we don’t know if it is still signed ‘Closed’ or otherwise barricaded, but DPTI’s message was unambiguous – “Not Open!”

In the past DPTI has assured us that we will be informed as this route progressively opens. They also tell us that when the section in question opens it will appear on the CycleInstead Journey Planner. 

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1 Response to PortBUG: Northern Connector – Is it connected (yet)?

  1. Uncool Cycling Club says:

    It’s sad and frustrating that we can’t ride through an underpass without getting salt water on our bikes 😑


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