PortBUG: New Walking & Cycling Plan, 2020.

Proposed Network Improvements (thanks to Tony for the mapping)

The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council is developing a new ‘Walking & Cycling Plan’ as part of a larger Integrated Transport Strategy. The PortBUG – while primarily focussed on improved environment & outcomes for bicycle users, has also strongly supported better provisions for all forms of Active Mobility, including walking, mobility for people with disabilities & public transport access.

The new Walking & Cycling Plan will be a major ‘step up’ for the PA/E Council with implications that go well beyond the usual bounds of what most people understand as ‘transport planning’. The PortBUG has lent its support for the new Plan and is cautiously optimistic that it will bring about significant and positive outcomes for PA/E residents across all domains, including health, welfare, transport equity & access, the economy and the environment.

The PortBUG has provided some preliminary general recommendations to Council which address processes and goals we see as necessary to ensuring a good outcome – you can read what we’ve had to say here. We hope to have further opportunities for much more detailed input when the new Walking & Cycling Plan is released for public consultation – which we’re told will occur soon. If readers have suggestions for the PortBUG’s further submission to the new new Plan please let us know asap via comments below or to PortBUG’s secretary as portadbug@gmail.com!

In the meantime we’d encourage you to have a look at the map above which details some of the ‘larger scale’ Network Improvements we’ll be seeking – notably additional ‘east-west’ routes across the council area and better walking and cycling facilities within and around the Port CBD.

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