PortBUG: Commencement Stage 1, Coast Park, Semaphore to Grange…

PortBUG was pleased to hear today that the Minister for Transport & DIT have announced the commencement of a ‘Stage 1’ project to complete the Coast Park between Semaphore and Grange. The full announcement is quoted below, (the italics/bold are ours and just to thoroughly confuse you, DIT are referring to this section of the Coast Park as ‘The Linear Park’! Remember, it’s the coastal pathway & not along the river… 😉

“Hello, The Linear Park (Grange to Semaphore Park – Stage One: ‘North’) project aims to provide a continuous public cycling and walking link along a section of the Adelaide metropolitan coastline to enhance public use and enjoyment of the coast. To achieve this, the path should be publicly accessible, suitable for a range of users such as families with prams, wheelchair users, cyclists, wheeled toys and allow shared use. The project proposes a shared use path of (at least) three metres width constructed with a suitable, smooth surface.

The consultation process was from 11 May to 9 June 2020 and is now closed. For further information refer to the What We Heard Report… The Minister for Planning and Local Government… also considered a Consultation Report to aid the consideration of all the submissions received…

As a result of the community feedback received and additional site investigation works, the Minister has now established a linear park, to be known as the Linear Park (Grange to Semaphore Park – Stage One: ‘North’).

The delivery of the path will be undertaken by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, on behalf of the Minister.

As with the planning for the whole of the Coast Park, the alignment of the new path has been carefully considered to maximise community benefit. This location is within the area close to the fence line adjacent the dunes, as distant from adjacent houses as possible without intruding on the sensitive dune system.

Stage One: ‘North’ extends from Third Avenue, Semaphore Park to the edge of Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve. A possible second stage, which would extend from the edge of Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve to Terminus Street, Grange is still under consideration and, if it is considered a viable option, will be subject to further public consultation.

What’s next? Further detailed design work is currently being commissioned to explore final details of the specific path material and other associated works with the local council. We will share with you additional information in relation to the path design and program when it becomes available.

For any enquiries please contact: email: PlanSA@sa.gov.au or phone 1800 752 664

Kind regards, Linear Park Project Team”.

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