Adelaide CBD: Design Consultation – the East-West Bikeway!

Adelaide CBD’s ‘companion’ North-South Bikeway…

From Katie – Chair of Bike Adelaide (formerly BISA)…

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed some recent jaunts on your beloved bicycle.

I am writing to you as an active bike advocate involved with local Bicycle User Groups and asking for you to please give up 10 minutes of your time to provide feedback/support for the East-West Bikeway proposal currently out for consultation (closing this Friday).

I know for many the city is not the priority however this project has been high profile in the media and has received the most funding for any single cycling infrastructure project in SA. It is a struggle to reclaim road space as the history of this project shows. As Peter S commented on FB:

“This isn’t just a City issue. There is an important principle at risk in this instance and that is the ability of a few unelected interests holding sway over our Councillors and sabotaging good public policy. Make your voice heard and help us create a safer cycling culture for us all, no matter where we live or work.”

Details on the proposal are here: City Bikeways | Your Say Adelaide (

How can you have your say?

Bike Adelaide’s thoughts on the proposal (in brief):

  • the design is safe and comfortable including for families/teens (ensuring a 2.5 metre width is important and expected except at pinch points).
  • the route will give low-stress cycling access to the city (a direct route along Flinders is preferable but deemed nearly impossible.)
  • Bikeways are awesome in so many ways – just like people who cycle
  • we can not delay any further – we need to get on with it!

Note: The proposed ‘centre-of-the-road’ option in the info pack is untested, unsafe, and unfeasible. We believe it’s inserted as a distraction, aimed at derailing the project by those councillors opposing it – it’s not an option recommended by the professional staff.

The results of this consultation will determine if this project succeeds or is abandoned. Please have your say.

Our name change: It’s official – we are now Bike Adelaide. We have new web & email addresses, but our BISA address redirects to BikeAdelaide & our BISA emails are still working at this stage.

Thanks, Katie Gilfillan, Chair, Bike Adelaide

0416 294 134

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