PortBUG: June Update (inc. draft Walking & Cycling Plan).

1. Workshop – Draft Walking & Cycling Plan:   In early June council officers provided PortBUG with a brief opportunity to review the new draft Walking & Cycling Plan. This draft will be discussed at a short Councillor Workshop, Tuesday 22nd, 8-8.30pm (in the PA/E Town Hall, Nile Street, Port Adelaide). Interested residents can attend but not comment or participate in this workshop – details here.

PortBUG has many concerns regarding the current draft of the new Walking & Cycling Plan – concerns we have not encountered when reviewing previous bike plans. These concerns go to the heart of what we consider to be ‘good planning’ in meeting the needs of ‘vulnerable road users’ & addressing the future of Active Transport for both residents & visitors.

We have put together a pdf for Councillors outlining some of these concerns & some key questions for Council staff – you can read this pdf hereWe encourage your interest in the issues we raise & your attendance in this short workshop if you can make it. 

2. Proposed e-Scooter Zone Expansion: PA/E Council is currently asking for resident’s opinions on a proposed expansion of the zone for its current E-Scooters trial (recently extended for another 12 months). 

This expansion would permit scooter users to leave the restricted area of the Coast Park, to cross the Esplanade and ride up side streets to Military Road, where several additional ‘storage’ or parking/collection zones would be established.

In the case of Semaphore Road, scooter users would be permitted to ride along the footpaths as far as Glanville Station (but not between the Esplanade & Military Rd)! Roads where footpaths are too narrow or too congested to safely accommodate scooters are excluded (see the proposed area on the map at the consultation page).

Council are seeking the feedback of residents on this proposal. You can comment here. Consultation closes 28th June.

3. Council Engagement Survey: Residents of PA/E will know that our Council has recently sought to ‘engage’ with residents, both in providing information & in seeking feedback through consultation processes.

Council have now appointed a number of Engagement Officers to facilitate & improve these processes, & have initiated an Engagement Survey, seeking your feedback. It’s important that the voices of residents are heard, particularly with regard to walking & cycling issues – please consider responding to this brief questionnaire. Consultation closes 7th July.

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