PortBUG: Your opportunity to attend a Community Forum on the ‘Rosewater Loop’!

Labour MP Joe Szakacs is convening a Community Forum to discuss & lobby for development of the now-disused Rosewater rail line as a community asset. The PortBUG has long supported the concept of a ‘Rosewater Loop’ – a high quality shared-use pathway utilising the full width of the corridor as a active transport route, a biodiversity park and for various other recreational activities.

The proposed ‘Rosewater Loop’ community shared-use pathway & ‘Linear Park’.

A pathway and ‘linear park’ along the Rosewater rail corridor would link up – when it reaches Railway Trc, Ottoway – with the existing community-made route that runs up the Gilman Rail Reserve to Eastern Parade. This link would create a full loop – the Rosewater Loop – providing all surrounding suburbs with secure & direct walking & cycling access to both the Outer Harbor Greenway and the Port’s CBD, as well as a valuable & versatile public space!

‘Made’ community pathway along the Gilman Rail Reserve.

From Joe’s facebook page: “How would you like to see the unused rail corridor in Rosewater repurposed?  As the rail line is in the process of being officially decommissioned, now is a great time to start discussing ideas for its future. And who better to ask for suggestions than you, the local community. To share your views and ideas, I invite Rosewater residents to come along to my Rosewater Loop Community Forum 👇

When: Monday 28th June, 6-7pm Where: Rosewater Football Club – 47 Newcastle St, Rosewater.

I’ll also be joined by City of Port Adelaide Enfield representatives including Claire Boan – Mayor of the City of PAE.

RSVP your attendance to my office by email at cheltenham@parliament.sa.gov.au, call 8243 0062 or send a direct message to my page.

You can find further the PortBUG’s discussion of the Rosewater Loop proposal here.

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2 Responses to PortBUG: Your opportunity to attend a Community Forum on the ‘Rosewater Loop’!

  1. muscatelle says:

    After last night’s council workshop, Kat Mitchell asked me what I thought of the presentation. I said I was pretty underwhelmed, and that it did not address  the issues we’d raised. She agreed and said she valued the information BUG supplied Turns out she’s a cycling supporter with a three year old just starting out ( and doing pretty well by the sound of things). She also said she lives in Rosewater and invited me to attend the event below – notingthat the mayor would be attending Cheers Tony On 22/6/21 5:23 pm, PortBUG: The Port Adelaide Bicyc


  2. brianatsema4 says:

    Hi Sam, Tony et al

    Just wondering what is the situation of the rest of the rail corridor as it extends up to Elizabeth. It would be a great rail trail too.

    I caught the last train from GMH to the Port back in the 1980’s. It took day shift workers from our area to and from the plant, in “red hens”.

    This service to the car industry is a bit of history which could be acknowledged – with some graffiti proof (!?) documention along the way?

    Brian (Acland)


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