PortBUG: Big Bike Film Night in October!

Brett from NZ’s Big Bike Film Night tells us:

“Good afternoon – Brett from the Big Bike Film Night here, I just wanted to contact you about an event, our upcoming film screening next month at the Wallis Cinemas Mitcham.

In essence, this event is a short film fest style occasion that celebrates cycling in all its glorious shapes and forms. The collection runs for just over 2 1/4 hours and has an absolutely breath-taking range of short cycling films which are a great reminder of why we love to ride our bike with films that celebrate the fun, adventure and inspiration that cycling enables, whatever your ride is. 

Our attached Summary details some of the inspiring films that will be showcased, and this year every ticket purchased to attend a screening of the Big Bike Film Night goes in the draw to WIN A TRIP TO NEW ZEALAND thanks to our Presenting Partner Ngā Haerenga Great Rides of New Zealand.

I hope you can share the details of this event with your community. 

I think there is a real appetite for people wanting to see this, especially when something as unique as this is being shown, and I’m sure Adelaide bike enthusiasts will enjoy this celebration of the humble bicycle.”

When: Thursday 21st October, 6.30pm

Where: Wallis Cinema, Mitcham.

Ticket Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/BSEWS

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/UblE0TSVcBA

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