PortBUG: Update – PA/E Integrated Transport Plan.

Greetings Bicyclistas,

The PortBUG Coordinating Group has been in recess for the past 2-3 months, essentially because we’ve been awaiting the long-delayed final drafts of the new Walking & Cycling Plan & its associated & overarching Integrated Transport Plan (ITP), & the announcement of community consultation processes for both.

But we haven’t been asleep!

We can now tell you that Council (on October 12th) at long last ratified the draft Integrated Transport Plan for public consultation. We expect to hear of arrangements for this consultation in the next few weeks so stay tuned! It’s worth noting that the initial in-line community consultations for the ITP last year received the greatest number of responses for any such processes held by Council! We are told that the great majority of responses were from residents interested in cycling & pedestrian issues!

From Council’s October agenda:

“Council has commenced the development of its first Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS)…an opportunity to create a well-planned and people friendly transport environment. The ITS is envisaged to be a guiding strategy for the next ten-year period 2021 to 2031… to create a framework that will guide transport investment and policy decisions.”

“This Strategy looks beyond vehicular transport to focus on the entire transport network and address the movement of people, services and goods. It does this by providing direction in relation to active transport, public transport, traffic management and road safety, management of parking, integrated land use and transport planning, and freight.“

“The ITS addresses sets out clear Targets, Strategic Directions and Indicators for success for the following key transport themes across the City:

  • Active Transport
  • Public Transport
  • Traffic Management and Road Safety
  • Managing Parking Demand
  • Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning
  • Freight: Movement of Goods and Services.

…The development of an Integrated Transport Strategy aligns with all city themes as such a plan would be wholly inclusive and consider all modes of transport that focuses on strategies to move people in the City rather than just focusing on the movement of vehicles.”

PortBUG has great hopes for Port Adelaide/Enfield’s new Integrated Transport Plan. If appropriately supported & funded it will be a very progressive step forward for a Council facing enormous transport-related challenges over the next decade. It will be the first such ITP undertaken by any Council in SA and will provide an overall framework for the inclusion (see below) of cycling & Active Transport generally into all of Council’s planning & investment processes.

The new Integrated Transport Plan – Guiding all Council Planning & Investment.

It’s also worth noting (see below) that cycling & Active Transport will have a high profile in & be central to the outcomes of the new ITP!

We understand that the new Walking & Cycling Plan – which will be framed by the ITP – is currently being rewritten and will be available for public consultation later this year.

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