PortBUG: October Update.

Semaphore Foreshore Masterplan.

1. Semaphore Foreshore Master Plan – Community Engagement. The PA/E Council is developing a Master Plan for the redesign, updating, renovation & revival of the Semaphore Foreshore – the area at the western end of Semaphore Road and extending from Union Street (to the north) and Hart Street (to the south). The potential scope of the Masterplan is extensive & Council has effectively assured us that ‘anything is possible’!

From Councils web page:

“We want your help to develop a Master Plan for the Semaphore Foreshore. The Foreshore is a much loved and iconic destination for Semaphore locals and visitors. It supports the local economy, environment, and a strong sense of community.

Preparing a Master Plan provides an opportunity to re-imagine the area and the role it will play into the future. This includes considering amenity, resilience to climate change, recreation and play spaces, events and entertainment, safety, heritage, technology, accessibility, and business activities.”

This Masterplan is important for cycling & bicycle use for many reasons, not the least being its potential to further encourage recreational & every-day cycling for both residents & visitors. We now have an opportunity to ensure much safer & more efficient connections between Semaphore Road & the Coast Park’s Shared Use Path – the Coastal Bikeway, as well as ensuring that the Foreshore is simply a much more pleasant place to visit, especially for younger folk, families & children!

Council is embarking on an initial community engagement regarding development of the Foreshore Masterplan to identify what community and stakeholders value about the Foreshore and their ideas for the future. If you’d like to see the Master Plan & participate in its development please go to Councils Have Your Say page. Note that you have until 5pm, Friday, 5th of November to comment!

It’s also important to note that Council has provided a specific opportunity for children & younger folk (up to 16) to comment separately & from their own point of view. This is an important step in the development of Councils consultation processes simply because the future belongs to younger folk! Please encourage your children to take this opportunity to contribute to the Foreshore’s redesign – maybe it’ll see more recreational & play facilities – half-court basket ball, a larger skate park, pavement fountains etc!

Proposed Rosewater Loop Pathways.

2. Progress with the Rosewater Loop: At it’s October meeting the PA/E Council accepted & supported a Council report – ‘Rosewater & Ottoway Loop/Concept Master Plan’. Council will now share this masterplan proposal with the community & seek ongoing discussions with State Government to pursue the project!

Perhaps the most significant ‘next big project’ on the PA/E Councils cycling agenda, the proposed Rosewater Loop (see below) circles through & connects the adjacent suburbs of Alberton, Rosewater & Ottoway – residential areas that are poorly served by public transport & to a significant extent isolated & ‘cut off’ from shops & services by very busy roads.

Currently consisting of made & unmade pathways in the Gillman Rail Yards reserve & the now-closed Rosewater Rail Line – the route will provide outstanding recreational opportunities for the local community as well as direct walking & cycling connections to the Outer Harbour Greenway shared-use pathway, the Alberton Rail Station, into the Port CBD shopping & services precinct & to Semaphore & points beyond.

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