PortBUG: New Council Proposals, Nov. 2021.

Heaps of interesting cycling-related stuff on the PA/E Council agenda tomorrow evening, including:

  • a revised draft of the Integrated Transport Plan and… 
  • tabling of the new Walking & Cycling Plan (Note: both plans are up for Council ratification & public consultation)
  • new proposals for 40km/hr speed limits at Semaphore & the Port Adelaide CBD (including key sections of the Outer Harbor Greenway)
  • a proposal for safety improvements at the intersection of Semaphore Road & Fletcher Road, Birkenhead
  • expansion of the existing Port River loop path to the eastern Inner-Harbour.
Proposed extension of Port Adelaide’s 40-km/hr speed zones.
Proposed extension of Semaphore Road’s 40km/hr zone.

PA/E Integrated Transport Plan – important updates:

  • “…Key opportunities to combat climate change and sustainable transport are included within the ITS, with key targets and indictors listed under each theme…the new strategy will have a focus on “Net Zero” emissions for the organisation.
  • “This Strategy looks beyond vehicular transport to focus on the entire transport network and addresses the movement of people, services and goods. It does this by providing direction in relation to active transport, public transport, traffic management and road safety, management of parking, integrated land use and transport planning, and freight.

Draft Walking & Cycling Plan (section 12.2.8, starts 206):

“The W&CP seeks to enhance walking and cycling as a main mode of transport through the creation of a safer and more accessible network. 

“The W&CP sets out desired outcomes and delivery focus areas which are centred around providing facilities for the ‘interested, but concerned’ proportion of the population… people across a broad spectrum who are willing to undertake greater active travel if high quality, safe and connected infrastructure is in place. 

“The key priorities over the next five years focus on improved safety and wayfinding of existing established routes along with the installation of new routes to provide better connectivity. Some key areas are detailed below:

  • Gillman East-West Bikeway Connector 
  • Enfield East-West Connector 
  • Port Adelaide CBD improvements 
  • Outer Harbor Greenway Improvements 
  • Improved north-south connecting neighbourhood links on the eastern side of the Council area.

“The Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group (PortBUG) have been engaged throughout the development of the draft plan. Council Administration met with PortBUG representatives in July 2021 to discuss the draft plan and their feedback in detail. Further engagement with the PortBUG and other stakeholders will continue moving forward through the finalisation of the plan and implementation.” 

“The Walking and Cycling Plan identifies a number of key investment areas for Council to deliver on over the life of the plan. The proposed infrastructure priority investment plan has indicative costs which total over $2 million. It is proposed to allocate a minimum of $250,000 per year for the life of the plan.

You can read more of the draft Walking & Cycling Plan here.

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