PortBUG: Greenway Users – We Need Your Help!

Hi Folks, Apologies for following our previous blog post so soon with another, but we have just been notified of a development proposal on the Port Waterfront which will have a major impact on the Outer Harbor Greenway – specifically travel along Lipson St, McLaren Parade & the Waterfront itself. We want to respond to the proposal below from PA/E Council & need to know your views & have your ideas for possible alternatives.

Council Engineer Shaun de Waal writes “… we are currently consulting on the proposed Rydges Hotel Development which is located on the corner of McLaren Parade and Lipson Street. During construction they will require to occupy Council Road Reserve for which a Permit and Authorisation would need to be granted by Council. The granting of this permit has a community engagement component prior to being reported on at Council.

Given the OH Greenway runs along the boundary of the work site I would like to make the BUG aware of the proposal should you wish to provide written feedback on the matter. Information pertaining to the proposal is available on a Have Your Say page (link below). I have also attached the map which indicates the main impacts.

Key Impacts are summarised as follows:


  • Lipson St Plaza will be reduced to 6.0m wide from the edge of the bulding (tree planters to be temporarily removed)
  • Wharf frontage reduced to 4.0m from waters edge, impacted bins and seating will be relocated to edge of fence resulting in an reduced clear width
  • Fall barrier to be provided along waters edge
  • Due to the constraints along the wharf it is proposed to require cyclists to dismount along the narrowed section
  • McLaren Parade to operate as one way between Lighthouse Lane and Lipson Street with some periods of full road closure during construction

I am happy to work with you on a possible temporary detour of the greenway to around this site.”

So…. What do you think?

  • can you suggest alternatives to the temporary ‘treatments’ Shaun has outlined here?
  • can you suggest alternative routes that bypass Lipson St (north), McLaren Parade &/or the Waterfront?

The PortBUG has long contemplated such alternatives as a permanent change for the Greenway route through the Port CBD & Waterfront, notably:

  1. From Lipson St (south) – left at Godfrey, across Commercial Road & down Dale St, right at Church Street, across St Vincent St to cross the Birkenhead Bridge
  2. From Lipson (south) – left at Butler St, right at Kyle St & then left at St Vincent St footpath to cross to Commercial Rd/Lighthouse Square then left at Nile to Nelson St & the Birkenhead Bridge
  3. From Lipson (south) via Butler to the wide east-side footpath on Commercial Rd to cross to Lighthouse Square, and thence to Birkenhead Bridge as above.

Please let us know your ideas asap via email at portadbug@gmail.com or via our facebook group.

Three long-term alternative bike routes proposed previously by the PortBUG.
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