PortBUG: Bike Planning Updates!

1.  Community Consultations: Council’s Have Your Say community consultations are now open for both the:

Both of these new Plans will guide the ongoing development of bike paths & cycling access & Active Transport generally across the Port Adelaide/Enfield area for the next decade of so. As we all know, the next 10 years are likely to be crucial for the development of sustainable transport – especially from a ‘transport equity’ p.o.v – so please take some time out to have a look at & comment on both plans!

Semaphore Road’s Off-Road Bike Paths.

2. Semaphore Road Bike Paths – Safety Audit: Readers will recall that a couple of months ago a group of Semaphore Road traders & the Semaphore Mainstreet Association called for the closure of the unique off-road bike paths constructed when Semaphore Road was renovated a decade or so ago (see September’s post here).

Although the concerns expressed focussed on safety issues, traders & the SMA were also very clearly interested in the potential for their further expansion into the public space (outdoor dining & trading etc)! While the BUG will always seek to resolve genuine safety issues, in this case we weren’t convinced there were any of significance & we made this point quite strongly. We argued strongly for the positive role & value of the bike paths, & called for both an audit of safety issues as well as a proper review of their function & design.

We are now told that we can expect a Road Safety Audit of the bike paths to be tabled at the December meeting of Council along with some recommended design improvements. So stay tuned!

3. Proposed Greenway Route Closures: Readers will also recall that earlier this month we had notice of proposals to partially close sections of the Greenway through the Port’s Waterfront between Lipson St & the Birkenhead Bridge. The results of Council’s Have Your Say community consultation will also go to Council at the December meeting. The consultation is open until next Monday, 29th. You can have your say here!

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