PortBUG: Walking & Cycling Plan Consultation.

PortBUG really encourages members on our mail list to now take a few minutes to actively contribute to the implementation of the new Port Adelaide/Enfield ‘Walking & Cycling Plan’

We’re most definitely not asking you to read the Plan! If the PortBUG has learned anything over the last 3 decades it’s that wading through the endless detail of successive Cycling Plans is not for everyone!

We are suggesting that everyone can very usefully & simply go to the interactive ‘Put It On The Map’ section at the Plan’s Have Your Say page and put in some flags & brief notes to tell Council planners where the bike route & bikeway gaps, problems & opportunities are & your suggestions for resolving or building them! 

This ‘mapping out’ of potential works & projects will actually be the most important phase in the implementation of the new Plan & is one that you can now contribute to directly now!

This is a particularly important opportunity for those residents who live in the central & eastern sections of the PA/E Council Area. Both PortBUG & Council staff acknowledge that the suburbs east of Ottoway & Kilburn have received less attention in previous plans that those around the Port CBD, Harbor and along the Penninsula. We hope that the new Walking & Cycling Plan will address this over the next 5-10 years – so here’s your chance. Act now!

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