PortBUG: Christmas Update (2021 is Almost Over!)

Hi Folks,

1. W&CPlan ‘Have Your Say’ Extended: Last update we told you of an opportunity to Have Your Say by commenting on PAE Council’s new Draft Walking & Cycling Plan, & in particular on the ‘Put it On The Map’ commentary page.

Well we’re pleased to let you know that the final date for providing feedback has been extended to January 9th! So please – plant a flag & Have Your Say!

2. Good News – ALP Commits to Rosewater Loop: PortBUG was recently pleased to learn that the State ALP has made a pre-election commitment to invest $1.5M in developing the Rosewater Loop Bikeway!

Labor’s leaflet provided to local residents in Nov 2021.

This proposed shared path & rail-trail reserve along the disused & now-closed Rosewater Loop Rail Corridor has long been one of several longer-term projects proposed by PortBUG. In 2020 PA/E Council put in an unsuccessful bid for state Gov’t funding & the project is now part of the new draft Walking & Cycling Plan!

Perhaps something to consider when elections come around in 2022! Read an Advertiser article on Labor’s commitment here & check out Council’s detailed masterplan here.

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