PortBUG Blog Post #11, June 2015.


The Torrens to Torrens Project, South Road.

1.  Torrens-to-Torrens Project Update:  Since 2014 the PortBUG has been liaising with the Torrens-to-Torrens redevelopment project on South Road to seek the best possible outcomes for bicycle users travelling to and from the Port, with a particular focus on:

  • improving the proposed bike overpass at South Road
  • adequate ‘detour’ arrangements over the course of the project for the Outer Harbour Greenway
  • safe crossing and right turn arrangements for South Road’s new bike lanes.

Wendy Thompson, liaison officer with the consortium who will build the project has contacted the PortBUG with an update on progress. She has provided a map which illustrates the latest increase in the project’s scope with a link to the Minister’s press release in which he states: “This project will… increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists with improved footpaths and improved connections to cycling routes such as the Outer Harbor Greenway….Construction of the Torrens Road to River Torrens project is due to start in mid-2015 and the project is due for completion by the end of 2018.” 

The project is planning a community open day to be held in August. The BUG has some continuing concerns about the project design. In particular recent plans do not reveal the previously confirmed straight or linear descent from the South Road bicycle overpass towards Coglin Street! Instead, all that is shown is a somewhat circuitous ‘dog leg’ ramp to nearby McInnes Street. We’ll be taking this and other issues up with the planning team asap.


Gillman-1-E2.  BUG Response to the Gillman DPA:  PortBUG member Tony Beazley has developed a response to recently released plans for the redevelopment of vacant land at Gillman (to the North of the Port Expressway and East of the Port River). Tony’s response outlines cycling routes mentioned in the Gillman DPA, but not yet included in the PAEC Cycling plan. He notes that: “cycling access is particularly important to the Gillman area because…there are no regular bus services within the proximity of the Gillman/Dry Creek site…Gillman offers good bicycle infrastructure potential:

  • [existing] levies…provide an excellent base [for bike routes] eliminating the need for disturbing acid sulphate soils.
  • routes that are attractive to recreational and family riders [and] which pass through varied terrain.
  • an opportunity to showcase samphire and mangrove coastal systems and the operation of some of the metropolitan area’s largest wetlands
  • a good off road commuting link between Mawson Lakes and Port Adelaide.”

The area covered by the Gillman Development Proposals.

The PortBUG’s submission suggests some relatively minor changes and draws the committee’s attention to the strategic importance of the cycle routes through the Gilman area. We’ll keep readers appraised of the outcomes.

3.  Port Council Updates:  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has designated Engineer Shaun De Waal as ‘bicycle officer’ and contact person for bicycle-related concerns or queries. He can be contacted via PA/E’s customer service address (address emails ‘Attention Shaun de Waal’). Shaun has contacted the BUG about reports of loose gravel left on the Coast Park after recent resurfacing work. He writes, “the contractor has left the path unswept after rolling due to concern that brooming the surface too soon will dislodge all the aggregate from the path. To undertake additional rolling of the surface to bed down the remaining loose aggregate, temperatures need to be higher. Ideal temperatures are mid to high 20’s where the bitumen is active and pliable. In the interim we will look at ways to improve awareness and safety for users.”

The PortBUG has also written to PA/E identifying some problems with the Greenway route from the Port River out to Outer Harbour. Shaun responds: “I am expecting the remaining sharrows (except Lipson St) along the Outer Harbor Greenway route to be completed in the coming weeks providing we have some dry weather. Once complete we will be reviewing the entire route to ensure connections, signage and line marking are complete and correct. I have noted issues raised in Liz Millington’s email which will be very helpful in identifying signage and infrastructure problems along the route. In addition we are currently developing maps of the Outer Harbor Greenway route to be put on our website.” 

Proposed Lipson St Project Ramp Section E

Plan for revised bike access, Lipson St, Port Adelaide.

Shaun has also provided a detailed update and plans for bringing the Outer Harbour Greenway along Lipson Street to the Waterfront. There are a number of issues to be considered which we’ll try to detail at our Greenway webpage asap.

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