PortBUG Blog Post #12, July 2015.


Proposed bike overpass at South Road prior to new design extending to Coglin Street to the left.

1. New Bike Lanes Planned for Old Port Road: The PortBUG notes a recent press report (Portside Messenger, July 8th) signaling DPTI’s intention to install painted bike lanes on Old Port Road, Queenstown. While we are sure that DPTI will consult extensively with residents and businesses along this stretch of road (and may have already done so), there does appear to be some community rumbling about the plan. In recent years the PortBUG has repeatedly lobbied DPTI and the Minister of Transport for inclusion of bike facilities along this section of road. Many commuting bike users were disappointed that new bike lanes were not installed on Old Port Road along with the ‘Waterproofing the West’ wet lands project on the central reserve. DPTI has previously told the BUG that there is inadequate road width for accommodating bike lanes. It now appears that DPTI’s engineers may have changed their minds! We will be seeking further details of DPTI’s current plans as a matter of priority.


Fence separating road and bike path – Rosewater Railyard Bikeway.

2. Greenway Update from DPTI: Ms Gemma Kernich, Acting Manager DPTI’s Office of Cycling & Walking has recently been down to Port Adelaide to check progress with work on the Outer Harbour Greenway and to monitor community use of the newly rebuilt Rosewater rail-yard pathway.

Gemma notes that “the bollards & fencing in the museum precinct are all installed which makes it a lot more difficult [for cars] to drive on the path down there now… I was only there for about 30mins and saw a lot more people riding and walking through this area with their shopping etc, than I have ever seen down there before which was really great – I am quite happy with how it’s being used! Similarly the Woodville section [Woodville Road to St Claire] is now finished except a tiny bit of realignment at the eastern end on the signals approach.”

Car exiting the Greenway path using the Lipson Street ramp.

Car exiting the Greenway path using the Lipson Street ramp.

Gemma’s mention of cars on the Greenway stems from its recurrent use by Aviation Museum visitors as a convenient driveway exit to Lipson Street! The new fences and bollards are designed to reduce the obvious dangers of car/bike collisions and inappropriate vehicle use on the pathway.

The PortBUG too has noted the much increased use of the Rosewater pathway by pedestrian and people using mobility devices as well as local cyclists keen to avoid riding into the Port CBD via the main roads. And of course we’ve also seen increased use by commuter cyclists trying out the not-yet-completed Greenway!

Proposed bicycle & train overpass - South Road.

Proposed bicycle & train overpass – South Road.

3. Great News re the Torrens-to-Torrens Project: The PortBUG has received great news from the Torrens-to-Torrens Planning Project. Since release of the initial plans in 2014 the PortBUG has been campaigning for several key improvements, most notably:

  • provision of an extended east-side ramp on the South Road bicycle overpass reaching all the way to Coglin Street (rather than just provision of an indirect, 3-stage ‘dog leg’ ramp to adjacent McInnes Street)
  • provision of a secure interim route for Greenway users, bypassing the Project works and providing a secure crossing at South Road
  • provision of a secure bicycle crossing across the rebuilt South Road at the informal & frequently used ‘bike crossing’ at Hurtle & Hawker Streets, Ridleyton.

In particular the new Project Assessment Supplement Plan tells us that: “DPTI intends to continue the greenway path within the rail corridor on the eastern side of South Road through to Coglin Street. This will require construction of an overpass access ramp within the rail corridor on the eastern side of South Road and another ramp down to South Road at McInnes Street to cater for users wanting to access the local area.”

The PortBUG is extremely pleased to have this news that at least one of the key improvements we’ve sought is now confirmed! We are hoping that a representative of the Torrens-to-Torrens Project will be able to attend our August meeting to provide a more detailed briefing. All are of course welcome!

Wville St Clair

New Pathway – Woodville to St Claire.


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