PortBUG Blog Post #13, July 2015.


Kai and child, Central Market in cold July. Kai had hired the Bakfiets for the day and wondered “why aren’t there more of these on Adelaide’s streets?” Good question!

1.  The Port’s Bicycle Development Priorities:  Port Adelaide/Enfield Council’s Kerry McConnell has written regarding implementation of the draft Port Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan. She is inviting input from the cycling community regarding infrastructure priorities for 2016 and beyond.


Page 1 of the draft Pt Adelaide/Enfield Bike Plan’s prioritisation matrix.

The Draft Plan’s pdf provides an 18-page ‘prioritization matrix’ of possible infrastructure improvements to be implemented over several years. At our request Kerry has provided this listing of potential priorities in text form to make it easier for the BUG and community to submit their comments and suggestions. She has suggested that it would be useful to provide this response in the next month!

The PortBUG is considering how it might best seek input from the Community and make such recommendations. We plan to spend most of our August meeting focusing on a suitable submission. We have actually already made some recommendations for ‘short-term priorities’ which can be read here. We’ve made the text version of the prority list available here. It’s a long list of course, but we would welcome comments and suggestions from all bicycle users. What improvements do you consider most important for action in 2015-16? What should be considered for 2016-17 and beyond? Please write and let us know!

2.  Torrens-to-Torrens Project – Bike Update:  The BUG had hoped that staff from this key project would be able to provide an update at our next meeting on August 6th. Unfortunately this won’t be possible, but the T-to-T team are planning a Community Open Day for the middle of August and should have information available then. They extend an invitation to all PortBUG members and to the cycling community generally to attend this open day on Saturday 15th August, 10am to 2pm at the site office on Ridley Street, Hindmarsh. Please consider attending and providing the design team with feedback. It’s essential for the future of community bicycle use in Adelaide’s North-West that the Torrens-to-Torrens Project get this design right! The redevelopment of South Road has potential for major impacts on bicycle access and cycling safety across the region!


Planned bicycle & rail overpass over a re-developed South Road.

As we have outlined in previous posts and here, the PortBUG has been seeking key improvements to the original development plans, including provision of continuous, straight and extended ramps for the bicycle overpass across South Road (between King Street, Croydon and Coglin Street, Bowden) and an effective bicycle crossing across the new roadway at Hurtle & Hawker Streets, Ridleyton.

Port Adelaide.

Port Adelaide.

3.  Outer Harbour Greenway Maps:  The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council are keen to see easily accessible maps available to the public for the Outer Harbor Greenway route and have been developing some for the Council’s website. They are seeking comment from the BUG and the local cycling community.

You can find links to the draft PA/E maps here. What do you think? Are they useful? Is a different approach is needed? Suggestions? Please let us know. The PortBUG has been considering our own Greenway Map project, using a different approach based on informative line drawings by a local artist – perhaps similar to the map below…


Information-orientated bike map from Oregon, USA.

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