PortBUG Blog Post #14, August 2015.


Crocodiles come to the Port’s Inner Harbour bike path.


Torrens-to-Torrens public discussions.

1. South Road Redevelopment: PortBUG members recently attended an Open Day held by the Torrens-to-Torrens (South Road redevelopment) Project. The BUG has made several submissions over the last 2 years to the project. We are pleased to report that virtually all of our recommendations have been taken up in the latest phase of planning:

  • a continuous ‘straight’ ramps on both sides of the bicycle overpass over South Road

Continuous ramps on the bicycle overpass.

  • a secure, signalized detour via Port Road for those using the Outer Harbour Greenway over the course of the project
  • bike access across South Road at the Hawker/Hurtle Street crossing (part of the Bike Direct Network)

Bike-only access at the Hawker/Hurtle Street crossing.

  • an additional shared-use footpath crossing over South Road adjacent to Cedar Avenue and the new St Clair shopping complex
  • a brand new ‘Greenway’ route, paralleling South Road, starting at the new shopping complex at the Brickworks, travelling across the Torrens via a new bike/pedestrian bridge, thence along McDonald and Bertie Streets to Port Road and connecting to Queen Street, Croydon via a signalized crossing on Port Road.

The BUG has written again to the Project congratulating the team on these very positive planning outcomes, particularly the much improved bikeway overpass across South Road. We have raised quite a few queries regarding the finer details of these plans which remain unclear. We’ll relay any further information as it becomes available.


Vandalised lighting pole on the Rosewater Greenway path.

2. Cars on the Greenway: While DPTI has made considerable effort to exclude cars from the Outer Harbour Greenway adjacent to Lipson Street and the Aviation Museum, four-wheeled vandals have struck again a bit further along the pathway in the old Rosewater Railyards. BUG members have noted serious damage to a brand new lighting pole on the pathway. It’s obvious from the still fresh skid marks that the damage is very recent and stems from impact by a speeding vehicle, probably after going out of control on an adjacent asphalted area! The BUG has informed both Council and DPTI and we hope to hear of the light’s repair asap.

3. Cycling Priorities: The Port Adelaide/Enfield Council has asked the BUG to assist in identifying priorities for initial implementation of the Council’s new Bike Plan. In particular, the Council has a small amount of funding for 2015-16 to be spent on strategically important cycling projects. Beyond that, they will also need to identify annual priorities for funding submissions to the State Government for the Plan’s ongoing implementation. The BUG is developing a submission on appropriate short and longer-term priorities. Suggestions from the community would be most welcome! A copy of the Council’s draft set of priorities can be read here. Comments can be sent to portadbug@gmail.com.


Ride-in public toilets in Taiwan.

4. Every-Day Bike Heaven? Here’s an amazing bike blog to bring some joy and inspiration to our local bicycle life: http://ibikelondon.blogspot.nl/ Perhaps we need some of those ride-in public toilets!

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