PortBUG Blog Post #17, Dec, 2015.

Home Page1.  BUG Blog Annual Report: Provided by our host, WordPress, the PortBUG’s annual website report makes interesting reading. Over 2015 the blog was viewed about 3,900 people from 79 countries. Most visitors came from Australia. The United States (340) & Brazil (180) were not far behind, but we also had readers from China, Peru, Russia & many other countries! Your PortBUG web person is (very) slowly mastering the idea of a networked world – that is, integrating the blog and web site with Facebook, Twitter etc. Look for a more online in 2016!

Cycling Futures2.  ‘Cycling Futures’:  BUG-friend Dr Jennifer Bonham, University of Adelaide has co-authored ‘Cycling Futures’, a summary of the state of cycling transport in Australia, where we’re heading & how to get there. Contributing authors explore insights generated locally and internationally on the past, present and future of cycling. Buy at the Adelaide Uni online store or download & read here.

3.      Bike Plan Priorities 2016:         Earlier this month the PA/E Council endorsed their new Bike Plan 2016-2020. To assist the Council to get off with a good start in implementing the Plan, the PortBUG has made several modest recommendations for priority priorities for 2016. We have nominated relatively small projects and works that we feel would make a significant difference to the Port’s existing bike network. You can read about these recommendations heretell us what you think! One of the main recommendations has been to link up the:

  • Semaphore Road Bikeway paths with…
  • the Outer Harbour Greenway & Harbour Loop Paths and…
  • the Mersey Road Bikeway running off the Nelson St/Victoria Rd Junction (see below).
proposed nelson st links

Proposed new off-road bikeway linkages in Red!

…as we turn our backs on 2015 and set our wheels to the future, we wish all our friends, supporters & readers a…  

Happy New Year, 2016

from the PortBUG!

with Dad

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