PortBUG Blog Post #1, March 2017.


overpass perspective

New Bikeway Overpass, Outer Harbour Greenway, South Rd.

greenway-button1. Outer Harbour Greenway Completion:  Yes, that’s right – not just an ‘update’, we’re now talking about completion of this 13km on-and-off-road, low stress bikeway between Port Adelaide and the Adelaide City CBD! The PortBUG first surveyed the O/H Greenway route in 2005. Now, after 12 years of constant lobbying and advocacy, completion of the last sections of the Outer Harbour Route are within sight! The Greenway is now more-or-less continuous between the Port and Queen Street, Croydon. Apart from a small ‘wiggle’ on the city side of David Trc, Kilkenny the only sections of the route that remain incomplete are between South Road and Park Trc.

The PortBUG recently caught up with representatives from the 2 major projects involved as well as staff from DPTI for an update. Here’s what we found out:

  • Torrens-to-Torrens Project (T2T): This South Road redevelopment project will build a shared-use overpass (see above) over South Road, extending the O/H Greenway as far as Coglin Street, Bowden. Scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.
Overpass + dog leg

The T2T Overpass (in brown) – main ramp to Coglin St & ‘dog-leg’ ramp to McInnes St.

  • Torrens Junction Project: This rail line redevelopment project will take the Greenway from East Street, Bowden all the way to an underpass at Park Trc and thence on to the Adelaide Parklands bikeways. This new section of the Greenway will run parallel to a new Bowden rail station. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.
  • ‘Bowden Link’: This is the section of the Greenway between the two projects above. It will run from Coglin Street, eastwards through the old ‘gasworks’ site, over a new bikeway bridge at Chief Street to link up with the Torrens Junction section at East Ave. Scheduled for completion by early 2018.

We are told that all of this information will shortly be available at the DPTI Greenways website.

2.  Levels Bikeway Action: Correspondent Luke Oswald has recently expressed some concerns to PA/E Council & to PortBUG regarding the efficiency & continuity of the Levels-City Bikeway along Galway Ave, Clearview.

Levels-City BikewayLuke said: “Having to stop at so many intersections between Regency and Grand Junction Roads in Broadview and Clearview was a big disappointment and a disincentive to continue using this route with my bicycle. I imagine I wouldn’t be the only bicycle user to have those thoughts…”.

PA/E Council has now indicated that a Local Area Traffic Management plan is scheduled soon for the Clearview area with opportunities to review such issues then. PA/E will undertake short-term action to address issues Luke has identified re. the island in McLachlan Street (intersecting with Cookes Road). You can see the issues that Luke has raised here along with some suggestions he has offered to Council.

If you also use the Levels-City Bikeway and would like to raise any concerns please contact PA/E Council here (attention: Zak Valiff). Please let the BUG know of your concerns as well.


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