PortBUG Alert, March 29th, 2017.

New Signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (pics by Dave Case)

1. Innovation on the Coastal Way: The PortBUG’s eagle-eyed camera patrol recently encountered these new signs on the Coast Park Bikeway at Semaphore Park (Charles Sturt Council area).

Cyclist – ring your bell!

Pathway Users – keep left!

The BUG has previously suggested to the Port Council that similar behavioural guidance be provided on the Coast Park Bikeway between Semaphore and Outer Harbour. Perhaps this initiative by Charles Sturt Council is an example worth emulating!

South Road Bikeway Overpass (marked #2 above).

2. Torrens-to-Torrens Project Update: In a brief update email today the T2T Project has announced that (amongst other things): “The Outer Harbour rail overpass will be fully completed in mid 2017, including the shared use pathway that will be attached to the northern side of the rail overpass, connecting pedestrians and cyclists with the Outer Harbor Greenway.”  Pathway highlighted in brown above, link to the full update here. 

Edit: We have received a comment from Brian suggesting that the ‘official’ cycling detour around the Torrens Junction Project may be a bit unclear. The nominated cycling detour route can be seen here. The nominated pedestrian detour can be found here. It’s also worth reading the latest Project Newsletter here. We’d welcome further feedback from those using these detours over the coming months. Ed. 

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